My heart is for serving our community. As your State House Representative I believe we need a fresh generation of authentic, servant leaders who rise above the political rhetoric and serve with honor, integrity, and passion.

My wife, Meredith and I are raising a family here. Through church, work, and school, we are deeply committed to our community.

I promised to make our families and our community the priority through hard-work, open communication, and effective leadership.

That is exactly what I have done in the State House – putting our families first, putting politics aside, and using my business experience to deliver conservative solutions that lead to a brighter, more prosperous future for our community.

While we have accomplished a lot, there is still a lot we can do to lift up all Georgians. As a life-long Republican, I believe we can create opportunity for everyone through limiting the role of government, reducing our taxes, and strengthening the family.

Healthcare: As a member of the Health & Human Services Committee, I will continue to advocate for free-market solutions that help reduce the cost of healthcare, remove barriers to your choice of doctor or provider, fight for those with pre-existing conditions, and protect Medicaid for the must vulnerable in our state.

Transportation: Over the past two years, the General Assembly has dedicated more funds to transportation infrastructure than ever before and for the first time, provided the opportunity for the expansion of mass transit into Gwinnett County. I believe we should embrace emerging technologies and alternative modes of mass transit, such as Bus Rapid Transit and autonomous vehicles as a fiscally responsible solution to our transportation needs.

Education: As a member of the House Education Committee, I believe we should give teachers more flexibility in the classroom, empower parents in the choice of education for their child, and identify creative solutions for attracting and retaining the best educators.

Environment: God has blessed Georgia with beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and beaches – I believe it is our responsibility to conserve the beauty of our State through targeted conservation efforts.

Public Safety: From our children to senior citizens, we should do whatever we can to protect our most precious neighbors. I believe we should focus on those with mental health issues and insure they do not have access to dangerous weapons. We should implement the recommendations of our School Safety study committee along with allocating additional funding.

I ask for your vote on November 6th, so that we can address these issues and many more. Thank you for the opportunity to share my vision and to serve you.